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This Photography project, by Ana Gil Gomez and Borja Olivan, has been borne through a communication of ideas and experiences, particularly a shared concern for conscious eating.

Artists have long been in tune with this idea and as spirituality becomes more relevant in their lives, they begin to feel an increased awareness and love for themselves and their bodies, trying to find harmony and a better understanding of who and where they are and the impact they make. As a result, attention to conscious eating increases in their everyday lives. 

Food lovers, creatives and friends seemed like perfect ingredients to make their work a success. Sharing one vision, they were ready to take on a challenging project with a powerful message using food as their main material. They also made an effort to eat and use all of the foods used as materials in these pictures, to reduce their waste as much as possible. They both felt that creating visual imagery was the most effective way to share their concept and make a statement. Not only for a beautiful aesthetic, but to enlighten and educate through creativity. 

Modern society is becoming more detached from nature and this is making us less concerned about what is really important. We have not only a reliance but a natural bond with our main source of nourishment and we need to act responsibly to maintain this and treat Mother Nature with the respect she truly deserves. 

‘We are what we eat’ wants to raise awareness about our food becoming another mass-produced commodity, without consideration to its use or its effect on consumers or the environment. Food not only sustains us, it determines how healthy and how happy we are. Education about illnesses and their prevention and cure through conscious eating should be a part of the national curriculum. The general lack of information hasn’t happened by chance, it’s part of an agenda used to control us and keep us blindly spending without thinking about what we consume. However, this is no longer an excuse, we live in the age of information, where knowledge is at your disposal. We are responsible and have the right to know where our food comes from and what it contains. Small decisions can make a big difference, we owe it to nature, to ourselves and to our future generations to make them. 

Ana and Borja have selected ten remarkable personalities from history, characters they feel we have learned from and whose actions have brought about change. They have been this project’s inspiration to tell a story, and their examples used to raise awareness about conscious eating. They have reinterpreted these personalities through food, and used them to portray a visual experience of the notion ‘We are what we eat’. 

About us



Ana Gil Gómez has studied fashion design between Valencia, her hometown in Spain, and Berlin. She worked as designer for a few years and then moved to London.During her almost 5 years in London she has built a career as a stylist and editor in the fashion and film industry. She has also worked as art director in some small projects.

She is currently travelling looking to broaden her creative power, collaborate with other creatives and developing a sustainable fashion brand. 

Her goal is to use design and art as a tool to make positive changes.

" We believe Art can transcend beauty and become an empowering tool to use for educational goals, to raise awareness and, therefore,  become a way of liberation. " Ana and Borja

Borja Oliván has Master studies in various disciplines such as Interior Design, advertising and digital photography. He mostly studied in his hometown Madrid, Spain.

During his 7 years in London he has worked as a photographer and retoucher in the fashion industry and has developed his own brand.

He recently settled in Mexico and is developing his new graphic and drawing project, ´The Wounded Mind Diary´, a retrospective of experiences and feelings from his travels.

He also works as painter on request.




We Are What We Eat



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